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TLIID Xover events: Secret Invasion Love + Rockets by Nick-Perks
TLIID Xover events: Secret Invasion Love + Rockets

JohnnyUnusual suggested: Secret Invasion with Love and Rockets

Ink (and correction fluid!) on paper.
I love Love & Rockets, Jaime and Gilberto - is a bad copy of their work any way to honour them?
Once again I have featured nudity but NOT selected 'Contains Mature Content'.  In my opinion it's not 'that kind' of nudity (just so Izzy to stand around naked and uninterested while Skrulls invade).
If anyone disagrees please let me know and I will change it accordingly.

TLIID Crossover events - Marvel: One Million by Nick-Perks
TLIID Crossover events - Marvel: One Million
The subject was "The Line it is Drawn #211 – What If Famous Crossovers Happened at Different Comic Book Companies?".

BigBearSpeaks and joshschr suggested: Marvel One Million

Rainbow Hulk – Over time, Bruce Banner has absorbed the power of all the Hulks to become more powerful than ever.
iRon-M.A.N. – Ronald Stark, the man-machine hybrid son of Tony Stark and Jocasta, leader of the Neo-Luddites.
Thor-Father – Ruler of Asgard and Jotenheim, Father to Thrud, Magni, Mothi and Ullr, mightiest of the Avengers.
General America – Steve Rogers, veteran of countless conflicts, eternally young, embodying the spirit of America.
Sixty-Foot woman – Daughter of Hank Pym and Thundra – able to grow
or shrink and possessing enormous strength.
Suyin Strange – Daughter of Stephen Strange and an unknown woman, Mistress of the Mystic Arts.
Purple Spider – second clone of the son of Peter Parker’s clone and the first clone of Mary-Jane Watson, married to the clone of Gwen Stacy.

But wait, you say, the 1000000th issue of Fantastic Four will be out in the year 85,296 – even in Marvel years that’s about 8,000 years from now – surely there will be more changes than that?
Well, no, because readers don’t like change and after a certain point, characters just stop getting older, or even get rebooted. That’s the advantage comic characters have over the rest of us.

Pencil and pen on paper, colorized in gimpshop.
TLIID - The Joker as a hero by Nick-Perks
TLIID - The Joker as a hero
I dealt with the idea of The Joker as a hero before (with batman as a villain) in a faux Dick Sprang style, so I thought I would try something more 'pulp'.
TLIID - Manga version of Wonder Woman 3 by Nick-Perks
TLIID - Manga version of Wonder Woman 3
The topic was "Manga/Anime style re-design of Western charactersKeithAlanMorgan suggested: Wonder Woman
I tried something in the style of Lady Snowblood, who often seems to fight in the nude.
I've set "
Contains Mature Content?" to 'No' as she's nude but not provocative.  If anyone wants me to change it, just say.
Ink on paper.


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Nick Perks
United Kingdom
Web developer and doodler.
55 yo male in the UK

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DaleLaz Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
With all due respect, I wanted to say that you draw trés sexy Silver Age guys. <3
SirDNA109 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Outrageous artwork in a 'crossover' style which I love and have hoped to achieve on DA. Fantastic ideas and homages. Please keep up the great work, Nick-Perks!
stephenaxlscott Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Doodler? Phhhhht. This is a ruse of some kind. Exceptional work Nick. You've got a great style married with a very clever wit. Glad I've found you.
Nick-Perks Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Thank you!  I notice you are quite the wit yourself - "I bisqued a girl" <chuckle>
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Thank you for stopping by. :)
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Welcome to Skins Army group :iconskins-army:
We’ll delighted you joined and hope you’ll enjoy the group :)
ADE-doodles Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Professional General Artist
wonderful gallery lottas fun!
LJ-Phillips Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Professional
Thanks so much for faving those pages from my comic book Skins :D I really feel honored!
LJ-Phillips Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Professional
And thanks for the watch - I'm honored! Have a wonderful upcoming week & keep up the good work!
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